Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Services Offered at the Color Bar Hair Salon & Day Spa

The Color Bar Hair Salon and Day Spa does more than just provide top-quality salon services, but it also brings its customers top-of-the-line spa services. Here is a look at some of the new services available at The Color Bar Hair Salon and Day Spa.

Body Detox Wraps

Body Detox Wraps are a great way to pull out the toxins in your body. Everyone is susceptible to acquiring toxins as they are a result of normal everyday exposure and lifestyle habits. Getting a Detox Wrap is especially beneficial to smokers as it will help pull out the toxins in your skin by opening up the pores and drawing out the toxins. Body Detox Wraps also benefit anyone who is looking to achieve healthier, toned skin as well as a contoured figure. Detox Wraps have proven to be a great remedy for sore muscles. The process utilizes a heated blanket which helps the product to penetrate deep into your dermis.

Body Scrubs

This service offers a great way to get a little extra exfoliation all over the body, especially in your hard to reach areas. Body scrubs are highly recommended for anyone going to a Wedding or special event. A body scrub will enhance your skin and provide you with a little extra glow. Your skin will thank you as it will be smoother, brighter and sexier after undergoing one of these day spa treatments. Relaxation is yet another benefit that comes with a body scrub. Ease your tension with a body scrub and you will immediately feel rejuvenated.

Back Facials

This is one of the more unique spa services available and a favorite treatment among many women. If you are someone who is into massages, then you will definitely enjoy treating yourself to a back facial. It is very similar to a full-hour back massage, but there are even more perks. A back facial will serve the purpose of ridding toxins on your back. The service will also remove dead skin cells and achieve healthier skin on your back. This is a great service to utilize in the summer time as it will allow you to walk around with healthier, more appealing skin that has a bit of a glow.

Bedroom Eyes

The Color Bar now offers Bella Lashes to enhance the look in your eyes. We now provide clients with the option of getting eyelash extensions. That means you can ditch the mascara and stop worrying about stocking up on that product. This service will also save you time. Just think of all the time it takes to apply extra eye makeup in the mornings. Now, you can have sexy lashes for at least 6-8 weeks. We do recommend coming into the salon for fill-ins at least 2-4 weeks in order to keep your lashes looking full. Once you get a full set of lashes, be prepared to become addicted. People will be unable to tell they are not your own lashes and you will enjoy many compliments on your new bedroom eyes.

All of these services are offered by experienced and trained professionals who make up the carefully-selected team at The Color Bar Hair Salon & Day Spa. The staff will work with you and recommend services that will benefit you the most. As always, expert advice on how to maintain your skin and hair is free of charge.

The Color Bar Hair Salon & Day Spa in Waxhaw is dedicated to providing the very best spa and salon services in Charlotte. Stop your search through all the different hair salons in Charlotte and visit the one with everything you need in one place. The Color Bar is an eco-friendly salon that also provides kids and men’s haircuts.