Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How to Decide on the Right Hair Color for You

Hair salon services in Waxhaw NC, hair salon Waxhaw NC, hair colors, hair coloring, picking the right hair color, best hair color, matching hair colorAdding new color to your hair can be a very exciting time. It can also bring about some stress as a lot of women are unsure of which color will work best for them. Here’s a look at some areas to consider when choosing your next hair color.

Level of Maintenance

Some hair colors are more difficult to maintain than others. For example, red colors can come with a great deal of difficulty. This is because red colors can fade easily if you wash your hair every day and are not using SURFACE hair care products. If you choose a shade of red, be prepared for more frequent trips to your hair salon. Red is also the most difficult color to remove from your hair as it is rarely removed in one sitting.

Health of Your Hair

Hair coloring does not contain a natural ingredient and, in some situations, the chemicals can damage your hair. This rings particularly true with blonde hair. Depending on the desired result or goal, women with a natural dark shade of color will need to use a heavier process of highlighting to color their hair, which sometimes is not very healthy. Over processing can also damage the hair shaft. Remember, what looks good may not always be good for your hair. See our blog, 7 Important Tips on Caring for Your Colored Hair.

Your Skin Tone

Certain colors will not work well with your skin tone. Going too dark or too light can cause your hair to clash with your skin tone, which falls into the categories of warm and cool. Once you have determined your skin tone, you can start matching hair color. For example, cooler skin tones look better with light blonde than warmer skin tones do with light blonde. Remember, you can always search “hair salons near me” to seek out an expert opinion.

Your Natural Hair Color

When looking at a particular color on a palette, it is important to note that those shades are applied to a white surface. When those colors mix with your hair, they may not take on the same exact look. Straying too far from your natural color will usually give you a look that is far from authentic and also damage your hair. Think of your natural hair color as a starting base.

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