Friday, December 14, 2018

Hair Care Tips For the Winter

The cold winter months are tough on hair and that is why it is important to maintain your hair the right way during the winter. Once the weather turns cold, turn to these helpful ways to care for your hair from The Color Bar Waxhaw.

Deep Condition

The dryness in the winter air can take its toll on hair. Using a deep conditioner once a week can put a lot of moisture back into your hair. This is especially important to hair that may frizzy or a little brittle as it will strengthen the hair in addition to providing more of a shine.

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Regular Trims

The winter air can do a number on the ends of your hair, causing them to split and dry out a lot quicker. The way to avoid this is to schedule regular visits to your hair salon Waxhaw where only a slight trim is necessary. Just taking a little off the ends will help out a whole lot.

Less Heat in the Shower

It is a common practice for many people to enjoy a long, hot shower during the bitter cold of winter. However, the heat in the shower can actually remove moisture in your hair. Taking a lukewarm shower under 10 minutes can do wonders for the health of your hair in the winter. Staying away from heat on a hair dryer is also a smart move.

Add a Little Oil

The winter months mean that you are constantly going from cold air outside to warm air inside. That drastic change in temperature actually does damage to your hair. Oiling your hair on a regular basis will bring life back to your hair. And make sure not to shampoo too much because it will defeat the purpose of using oil.

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Invest in a Hat

When you step outside into the frigid air, protect your hair with a hat. This does more than keep your head warm. It also retains the moisture in your hair. But don’t fasten your hat too tight or it will wind up damaging your hair.

Stay Static Free

Avoiding static is more difficult to do during the winter months. Spraying your brush with hair spray before running it through your hair should be enough to do the trick.

There is no better way to ward off a drab winter than treating yourself to warm hair coloring along with Intense Condition and Repair Treatment. The Color Bar Hair Salon is the top choice for salon services Waxhaw NC no matter what the season. An experienced professional is waiting to provide you with the exact style and coloring you want as The Color Bar remains one of the best hair salons near Charlotte.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Benefits of Getting a Keratin Hair Treatment

Women with curly or frizzy hair experience their share of struggles when it comes to straightening their hair. Blow-outs can be a hassle and that is why they are the perfect candidates for a Keratin hair treatment services.

The process of a keratin treatment adds protein to your hair and actually helps rebuild damaged hair. Most people fail to realize that hair already has keratin in it. However, all Keratin treatments are not created equal, so do your due diligence before deciding on one. Here’s a look at the benefits that come with making such a choice.

Less Salon Visits
Keratin treatments work wonders and keep your hair straight for months at a time. The one catch is they are not treatments that are recommended for home application. That means you will have to revisit your local hair salon to complete the treatment, but that is only once every four months or so. It definitely cuts down on visits.

Cost Effective
Keratin treatments are generally high in cost, but when you consider that it only needs to be done every four months, it proves to be cost effective. Costly regular trips to the hair salon can be avoided when you opt for a Keratin treatment and those trips can add up to greatly exceed the cost of a Keratin treatment.

Immediate Results
A Keratin treatment works incredibly fast. The results are immediate and you will know when it begins to wear off as you will start to see subtle signs of frizz. This will allow you enough time to schedule another treatment at the Color bar before your hair starts to get out of control.

Manageable Mornings
Bid farewell to those mornings that are spent blow drying and flat ironing your hair. Keratin treatments make hair much simpler to manage. Less heat in the morning is also healthier for your hair and you will not need to set aside extra time for hair care.

Keeps Color
The application of Keratin will work to keep your hair color vibrant for longer stretches of time. When the Keratin is sealed into your hair, the color is sealed in as well. That also means less time and money you will have to spend on hair coloring.

The Color Bar Hair Salon & Day Spa offers professional Keratin hair treatments while also providing expert advice on how to care for your hair. No matter what hairstyle is right for you, The Color Bar can accommodate your needs. The Color Bar also offers men’s haircuts and a complete line of salon services.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Gray Hair Continuing To Trend

Over the past year, more and more men and women are going gray. That trend is showing no signs of slowing down as people of all ages are embracing their gray. Here is a look at why some older people are letting their natural gray show and why some younger people are dying their hair that shade as one of the many trending salon services.

It’s Cheaper

Let’s face it, accepting your gray saves you money. Getting rid of your gray will require continual maintenance, meaning that you will have to pay for your hair to be dyed over and over again. There is also less time involved in caring for your hair and less trips to hair salons.

It’s Complimentary

Gray hair complements many different skin tones. Gray can work well on men and women with many different complexions. With gray hair, the search for your perfect hairstyle becomes a little bit easier.

It’s Hip

Over the last year, the amount of younger women who have gone gray has exploded. There are also plenty of celebrities going gray and broadening the trend. This has also made it easier for some older women to put away their dyes and embrace their gray.

It’s Different

On younger women, blonde is everywhere and so is brunette. But gray is not as common. Gray is often a new look for anyone who tries it out and it is starting to turn heads in a good way.

It’s Evolving

For years, there has been a double standard with gray hair. It was perceived that men with gray hair looked dignified and women with gray hair looked tired. This is just untrue and now that myth is starting to be debunked.

It’s Conversational

Women with gray hair, young or old, often get asked about their color. This generates conversation and often leads to a lot of compliments thrown their way. Gray is definitely being talked about in a lot of different circles and not just inside hair salons Waxhaw NC.

It’s Natural

Natural hairstyles are often embraced and there is a certain openness that comes with going gray. Even younger men are now starting to seek out gray alternatives as a kind of fashion statement. People are now clamoring for gray.

The Color Bar Hair Salon specializes in all types of hair coloring as one of the most complete hair salons in Waxhaw NC. Men’s haircuts, kids haircuts and much more are available as part of the many salon services at The Color Bar Hair Salon Waxhaw. Remember, when stress makes your greys grow take time to relax with a massage and facial at our luxurious spa.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Hair Care No-No’s

Proper hair care does not only include what you should do to maintain healthy hair, but it also includes important things you should not do to your hair. When caring for your hair keep these hair care no-no’s in mind to help avoid damage and promote healthier hair. Here are some of the most common and easy to avoid no-no's from

Using the Wrong Size Brush

Certain brushes are designed for certain types of hair. If you wind up using the wrong brush, it could not only damage your hair but it could also extend the amount of time you spend drying your hair. Match the right brush with your type of hair and styling method.

Overdoing It

Brushing your hair too much can definitely do damage in the form of breakage and split ends. All that friction can be damaging to your hair so make sure not to overdo it with the brushing.

Tight Ponytails

Pulling your ponytail too tight will result in breakage. It is also important not to put your hair in a ponytail while it is still wet as that is a time when your hair is in a more fragile state.

Daily Washing

Washing your hair every day can be too much as it could strip the natural oils in your hair. There are other factors to consider when it comes to how often you should wash your hair, such as how much heat you use on a regular basis and whether or not you color your hair. Ask your trusted women's and men's hair salon for more information on how your hair can be too clean.

Wet Styling

Your hair is very vulnerable when it is wet. The cuticles can be stretched or broken rather easily just by the simple act of brushing or combing your wet hair. Carefully dry your hair by blotting it with a towel before applying any heat.

Tanning Without Protection

You should protect your hair the same way you protect your skin from the sun. The sun can also do a number on hair that has been colored, so invest in a hat when going out to sun bathe.

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Too Hot on the Iron

A flat iron turned up too high or used too excessively can fry your hair. Start off with the lowest setting until you find the setting that works best for you. Always try to use the lowest amount of heat on your hair.

The Color Bar Hair Salon staffs a team of experienced stylists who will provide you with expert advice as well as the look that you want. Stop searching through all the different hair salons in Charlotte and visit an eco-friendly salon with all kinds of top-quality salon services. Schedule your next appointment at The Color Bar Hair Salon today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Popular Hair Colors for the Fall Season

The fall season is a perfect time to change up your hair color and there are a variety of trendy styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for a subtle or drastic change, there is an option for you. Here’s a look at some creative hair color ideas for the fall season.

Monochrome Licorice

Fall is a great time to go dark. It is possible to have a vibrant flair with dark colors and that is evidenced by the monochrome licorice color. It is trending quite a bit and there is no need to add any highlights when going with this color. Monochrome licorice is a full dark color that provides an elegant look.


The word comes the French, meaning shaded. The ombre hair color starts darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter. This technique is usually achieved with a bayalage hair coloring service. It is a bit of a time consuming process so customers can expect to pay a little more. However, there is not a whole lot of maintenance that comes with it.


Nothing says the fall like reddish, brown colors. The Auburn color is an excellent complement for women with fair skin tones. Russet is another term used to describe this hair color and there are many different shades of auburn. Women can choose from rich auburn, ginger auburn, plum auburn, fiery red auburn among many others.


If you are torn between going blonde or brunette, bronde may be the perfect choice for you. One way to accomplish this look is to darken the roots while adding lowlights combined with a toner. Women with warmer skin tones take well to the bronde color while the highlights really make the style pop.


This is a fresh way for women with dark brown hair to change up their look. Adding in light shades of caramel as opposed to a brighter color, such as red, makes for a subtler, more natural look. Caramel lowlights can also be applied in one or two different shades and it allows women to change their look without making any kind of drastic overhaul.

The Color Bar Hair Salon provides all types of hairstyling services for men and women. If you are looking to change up your look, go with one of the many excellent salon services offered by the experienced team of stylists at The Color Bar Hair Salon.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Hair Care Tips That Work

Caring for your hair is a full-time job, which makes it important to know the ins and outs of proper hair care. In order to give your hair a beautiful look, here are some helpful hints from that you can use every day.

Select the Right Brush
Not all brushes are created equal. Thicker hair calls for a brush that does not have as much tension, so a metal or flat brush is recommended here. Women with thinner hair should use a boar bristle brush as it is much gentler on hair. Excessive brushing can also cause breakage to your hair.

Avoid Sulfates
Sulfates are found in certain types of shampoos. Sulfates help cleanse the hair, but they also strip much of the natural oils in the hair. That makes for dryer hair. So the next time you are in the market for a new shampoo, check the label and make sure it is free of sulfates. You can also consult your stylist at your local hair salon.

Complement Your Hair Color and Skin Tone
Your hair color should complement your skin tone, which means it is not advisable to match the two too closely. Doing so will also cause thin hair to appear even thinner. Also, keep in mind that adding some different shades to fine hair will give it a fuller look.

Stay Away From the Heat
Too much heat can dry out your hair and even cause it to break. Just because your hair dryer and hot rollers have a maximum temperature does not mean you always have to use the highest setting. Spray-on heat protectants are good to use before flat-ironing your hair or using other types of heat.

Enlist Some Natural Repair
Every now and then, your hair could use a break, Try going all natural for a few days to let your hair breathe for a bit. This also includes letting your hair dry naturally after a shower.

Ease the Tension
It’s okay to pull your hair back every now and then, but make sure it is not too tight. Continually pulling your hair back too tightly could cause breaking to the hair shaft, a premature receding of the hairline, and even cause unsightly bumps.

The Color Bar Hair Salon provides expert salon services that include advice on how to care for your hair. The team of experienced stylists at The Color Bar Hair Salon can fit every client with a fabulous hairstyle that first them best. Contact The Color Bar Hair Salon today and get the look you have always wanted.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summertime Hairstyle Ideas

The summertime can be a welcomed change and that can also extend to hairstyles. There are a wide range of choices of hairstyles that serve as a perfect complement to the summer season and here’s a look at a few.


A French coloring technique from the 1970s that has become a huge trend in hair salons everywhere and continues to be a summer favorite. Going with a balayage will give your hair a sun kissed color as though the sun was responsible for your lighter shade. It won’t give your hair the look of normal highlights, but rather provide you with a more natural and softer look.

Go Lighter in the Summer

It’s popular for women to go with a lighter shade of hair color in the summer. A dip in the pool or ocean can take its toll on hair as darker colors can fade a lot quicker. Lighter shades require less maintenance and you will not have to touch it up as much as you would with darker shades.

Keratin Treatment

Humid days can do a number on your hair while keeping it straight can be a troublesome task. Take away the frizz with a Keratin treatment Waxhaw NC as your hair will be much easier to manage through the duration of the summer months.


The most obvious reason a bob works well in the summer is because it is much easier to manage. It also does a good job of framing your face. Be sure to customize your bob to fit your face as long and short bobs are both very good options.


Going with a layered look takes some of the weight out of your hair and in the hot summer months, that can be a very welcomed feeling. A layered cut takes out bulkiness and not only will give you a fresh new look, but it will be much more comfortable and also give shape and lots of movement to your hair.

Basic Blowout

The summer months mean that women are generally on the go much more often. Different outdoor activities could leave you playing catch up with your hair. Stopping in for a regular blowout can revitalize your hair and get you ready for a night on the town after being on the go all day.

The Color Bar Hair Salon has all kinds of summer solutions and all the new trends for your hair. Our team of experienced stylists can recommend something to match you and your lifestyle. When it comes time to seek out the best and top rated hair salon in Charlotte, look no further than The Color Bar Hair Salon.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ways for Men to Choose the Right Hairstyle

The right hairstyle can make all the difference in the world. It can put an extra bounce in your step and instill anyone with a little more confidence. Part of choosing the right men’s hairstyle comes with matching the right look to the shape of their face. Your hair salon specialist will study your head to determine what is best for you.

There are a few separate categories that define the shapes of men’s faces. Here is a closer look into those shapes and what hairstyle suits them best.


This kind of face uses the jawline and hairline to form a square. Facial features are often well defined on men with square faces. Deeper parts are a popular choice for men with square faces as are layered cuts. Keeping the hair fuller is recommended and it is often a good idea to cover the corners of the forehead in an effort to avoid too square of a look.


Round faces do not have the definition of other shapes. Therefore, the goal is to generate your own definition with some angles. That can be done by keeping the length of the hair shorter on the sides and leaving it a little longer on top. This will make the face look longer. A messy look on top can also go a long way for men with round faces.


This not very common among men as it is considered the best overall proportioned face. The forehead is usually a little wider than the cheekbones and this really is complemented well with any type of hairstyle. It is best to keep hair off the forehead, but outside of that, the possibilities are almost endless. Your stylist will guide you through the different salon services you can choose from.


These faces are defined by cheekbones that are actually the widest part of the face. The hairline is also very narrow. Diamond-shaped faces tend to be a bit long, so you will want to create a little width. That can be done by growing sideburns or keeping the length longer on the sides and shorter on top.


This shape is pretty self-explanatory and is best served with hairstyles that are kept short. There is also the option of adding some volume to the sides, but it is recommended to always keep the length on top closer to the head.

The Color Bar Hair Salon & Day Spa Waxhaw NC offers all kinds of men’s haircuts to match your face with the right style and the look you desire. For an experience complete with all the essential salon services, contact The Color Bar Hair Salon and schedule your next appointment today.