Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Choosing the Right Shade of Auburn for Your Hair

The fall season may be the perfect time to head to your hair salon to add some auburn to your hair color. However, there is a lot more that goes into it since there are many shades of auburn to choose from. Here’s a closer look into all the different kinds of auburn hair color.

Classic Auburn

This is a more traditional shade and pairs great with women who have paler skin tones. It provides a classic look of sophistication.

Plum Auburn

This shade is considered to be a reddish, purple and pretty much works for women with all different skin tones. This offers a warm shade, which fits well with the fall season.

Mahogany Auburn

This is perfect for women with a dark hair color. It is not usually a drastic change as a reddish mahogany is not applied too deeply. Lipstick of a wine color is an excellent complement.

Fiery Red Auburn

This is a brighter shade, which also favors women with fairer skin tones. It is comparable to a coppery color and is really an eye-popping hue.

Russet Auburn

There are many ways to adjust the russet shade while it can have both an edgy and playful look. It is not too bright, but rather a nice combination of red and brown.

Dark Auburn

This shies away from the reddish tones and provides a lot of depth. It is a really a matter of choice when it comes to just how dark the auburn hue will be.

Ash Auburn

Being as though this is a softer shade of auburn, it is good to start with an ash base. Ash auburn is usually toned down a little more compared to the other shades of auburn.

Medium Auburn

There is a certain glow to this shade and it works very well on women with fair complexions. However, it is one of the auburn shades that complements darker complexions as well.

Light Auburn

This color usually has a blondish look to it. There are variations of light auburn and if women are looking for a not so bright color, they can choose a light coppery auburn instead.

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