Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ways for Men to Choose the Right Hairstyle

The right hairstyle can make all the difference in the world. It can put an extra bounce in your step and instill anyone with a little more confidence. Part of choosing the right men’s hairstyle comes with matching the right look to the shape of their face. Your hair salon specialist will study your head to determine what is best for you.

There are a few separate categories that define the shapes of men’s faces. Here is a closer look into those shapes and what hairstyle suits them best.


This kind of face uses the jawline and hairline to form a square. Facial features are often well defined on men with square faces. Deeper parts are a popular choice for men with square faces as are layered cuts. Keeping the hair fuller is recommended and it is often a good idea to cover the corners of the forehead in an effort to avoid too square of a look.


Round faces do not have the definition of other shapes. Therefore, the goal is to generate your own definition with some angles. That can be done by keeping the length of the hair shorter on the sides and leaving it a little longer on top. This will make the face look longer. A messy look on top can also go a long way for men with round faces.


This not very common among men as it is considered the best overall proportioned face. The forehead is usually a little wider than the cheekbones and this really is complemented well with any type of hairstyle. It is best to keep hair off the forehead, but outside of that, the possibilities are almost endless. Your stylist will guide you through the different salon services you can choose from.


These faces are defined by cheekbones that are actually the widest part of the face. The hairline is also very narrow. Diamond-shaped faces tend to be a bit long, so you will want to create a little width. That can be done by growing sideburns or keeping the length longer on the sides and shorter on top.


This shape is pretty self-explanatory and is best served with hairstyles that are kept short. There is also the option of adding some volume to the sides, but it is recommended to always keep the length on top closer to the head.

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