Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summertime Hairstyle Ideas

The summertime can be a welcomed change and that can also extend to hairstyles. There are a wide range of choices of hairstyles that serve as a perfect complement to the summer season and here’s a look at a few.


A French coloring technique from the 1970s that has become a huge trend in hair salons everywhere and continues to be a summer favorite. Going with a balayage will give your hair a sun kissed color as though the sun was responsible for your lighter shade. It won’t give your hair the look of normal highlights, but rather provide you with a more natural and softer look.

Go Lighter in the Summer

It’s popular for women to go with a lighter shade of hair color in the summer. A dip in the pool or ocean can take its toll on hair as darker colors can fade a lot quicker. Lighter shades require less maintenance and you will not have to touch it up as much as you would with darker shades.

Keratin Treatment

Humid days can do a number on your hair while keeping it straight can be a troublesome task. Take away the frizz with a Keratin treatment Waxhaw NC as your hair will be much easier to manage through the duration of the summer months.


The most obvious reason a bob works well in the summer is because it is much easier to manage. It also does a good job of framing your face. Be sure to customize your bob to fit your face as long and short bobs are both very good options.


Going with a layered look takes some of the weight out of your hair and in the hot summer months, that can be a very welcomed feeling. A layered cut takes out bulkiness and not only will give you a fresh new look, but it will be much more comfortable and also give shape and lots of movement to your hair.

Basic Blowout

The summer months mean that women are generally on the go much more often. Different outdoor activities could leave you playing catch up with your hair. Stopping in for a regular blowout can revitalize your hair and get you ready for a night on the town after being on the go all day.

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