Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Popular Hair Colors for the Fall Season

The fall season is a perfect time to change up your hair color and there are a variety of trendy styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for a subtle or drastic change, there is an option for you. Here’s a look at some creative hair color ideas for the fall season.

Monochrome Licorice

Fall is a great time to go dark. It is possible to have a vibrant flair with dark colors and that is evidenced by the monochrome licorice color. It is trending quite a bit and there is no need to add any highlights when going with this color. Monochrome licorice is a full dark color that provides an elegant look.


The word comes the French, meaning shaded. The ombre hair color starts darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter. This technique is usually achieved with a bayalage hair coloring service. It is a bit of a time consuming process so customers can expect to pay a little more. However, there is not a whole lot of maintenance that comes with it.


Nothing says the fall like reddish, brown colors. The Auburn color is an excellent complement for women with fair skin tones. Russet is another term used to describe this hair color and there are many different shades of auburn. Women can choose from rich auburn, ginger auburn, plum auburn, fiery red auburn among many others.


If you are torn between going blonde or brunette, bronde may be the perfect choice for you. One way to accomplish this look is to darken the roots while adding lowlights combined with a toner. Women with warmer skin tones take well to the bronde color while the highlights really make the style pop.


This is a fresh way for women with dark brown hair to change up their look. Adding in light shades of caramel as opposed to a brighter color, such as red, makes for a subtler, more natural look. Caramel lowlights can also be applied in one or two different shades and it allows women to change their look without making any kind of drastic overhaul.

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