Thursday, October 11, 2018

Gray Hair Continuing To Trend

Over the past year, more and more men and women are going gray. That trend is showing no signs of slowing down as people of all ages are embracing their gray. Here is a look at why some older people are letting their natural gray show and why some younger people are dying their hair that shade as one of the many trending salon services.

It’s Cheaper

Let’s face it, accepting your gray saves you money. Getting rid of your gray will require continual maintenance, meaning that you will have to pay for your hair to be dyed over and over again. There is also less time involved in caring for your hair and less trips to hair salons.

It’s Complimentary

Gray hair complements many different skin tones. Gray can work well on men and women with many different complexions. With gray hair, the search for your perfect hairstyle becomes a little bit easier.

It’s Hip

Over the last year, the amount of younger women who have gone gray has exploded. There are also plenty of celebrities going gray and broadening the trend. This has also made it easier for some older women to put away their dyes and embrace their gray.

It’s Different

On younger women, blonde is everywhere and so is brunette. But gray is not as common. Gray is often a new look for anyone who tries it out and it is starting to turn heads in a good way.

It’s Evolving

For years, there has been a double standard with gray hair. It was perceived that men with gray hair looked dignified and women with gray hair looked tired. This is just untrue and now that myth is starting to be debunked.

It’s Conversational

Women with gray hair, young or old, often get asked about their color. This generates conversation and often leads to a lot of compliments thrown their way. Gray is definitely being talked about in a lot of different circles and not just inside hair salons Waxhaw NC.

It’s Natural

Natural hairstyles are often embraced and there is a certain openness that comes with going gray. Even younger men are now starting to seek out gray alternatives as a kind of fashion statement. People are now clamoring for gray.

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