Friday, November 9, 2018

The Benefits of Getting a Keratin Hair Treatment

Women with curly or frizzy hair experience their share of struggles when it comes to straightening their hair. Blow-outs can be a hassle and that is why they are the perfect candidates for a Keratin hair treatment services.

The process of a keratin treatment adds protein to your hair and actually helps rebuild damaged hair. Most people fail to realize that hair already has keratin in it. However, all Keratin treatments are not created equal, so do your due diligence before deciding on one. Here’s a look at the benefits that come with making such a choice.

Less Salon Visits
Keratin treatments work wonders and keep your hair straight for months at a time. The one catch is they are not treatments that are recommended for home application. That means you will have to revisit your local hair salon to complete the treatment, but that is only once every four months or so. It definitely cuts down on visits.

Cost Effective
Keratin treatments are generally high in cost, but when you consider that it only needs to be done every four months, it proves to be cost effective. Costly regular trips to the hair salon can be avoided when you opt for a Keratin treatment and those trips can add up to greatly exceed the cost of a Keratin treatment.

Immediate Results
A Keratin treatment works incredibly fast. The results are immediate and you will know when it begins to wear off as you will start to see subtle signs of frizz. This will allow you enough time to schedule another treatment at the Color bar before your hair starts to get out of control.

Manageable Mornings
Bid farewell to those mornings that are spent blow drying and flat ironing your hair. Keratin treatments make hair much simpler to manage. Less heat in the morning is also healthier for your hair and you will not need to set aside extra time for hair care.

Keeps Color
The application of Keratin will work to keep your hair color vibrant for longer stretches of time. When the Keratin is sealed into your hair, the color is sealed in as well. That also means less time and money you will have to spend on hair coloring.

The Color Bar Hair Salon & Day Spa offers professional Keratin hair treatments while also providing expert advice on how to care for your hair. No matter what hairstyle is right for you, The Color Bar can accommodate your needs. The Color Bar also offers men’s haircuts and a complete line of salon services.