Friday, December 14, 2018

Hair Care Tips For the Winter

The cold winter months are tough on hair and that is why it is important to maintain your hair the right way during the winter. Once the weather turns cold, turn to these helpful ways to care for your hair from The Color Bar Waxhaw.

Deep Condition

The dryness in the winter air can take its toll on hair. Using a deep conditioner once a week can put a lot of moisture back into your hair. This is especially important to hair that may frizzy or a little brittle as it will strengthen the hair in addition to providing more of a shine.

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Regular Trims

The winter air can do a number on the ends of your hair, causing them to split and dry out a lot quicker. The way to avoid this is to schedule regular visits to your hair salon Waxhaw where only a slight trim is necessary. Just taking a little off the ends will help out a whole lot.

Less Heat in the Shower

It is a common practice for many people to enjoy a long, hot shower during the bitter cold of winter. However, the heat in the shower can actually remove moisture in your hair. Taking a lukewarm shower under 10 minutes can do wonders for the health of your hair in the winter. Staying away from heat on a hair dryer is also a smart move.

Add a Little Oil

The winter months mean that you are constantly going from cold air outside to warm air inside. That drastic change in temperature actually does damage to your hair. Oiling your hair on a regular basis will bring life back to your hair. And make sure not to shampoo too much because it will defeat the purpose of using oil.

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Invest in a Hat

When you step outside into the frigid air, protect your hair with a hat. This does more than keep your head warm. It also retains the moisture in your hair. But don’t fasten your hat too tight or it will wind up damaging your hair.

Stay Static Free

Avoiding static is more difficult to do during the winter months. Spraying your brush with hair spray before running it through your hair should be enough to do the trick.

There is no better way to ward off a drab winter than treating yourself to warm hair coloring along with Intense Condition and Repair Treatment. The Color Bar Hair Salon is the top choice for salon services Waxhaw NC no matter what the season. An experienced professional is waiting to provide you with the exact style and coloring you want as The Color Bar remains one of the best hair salons near Charlotte.