Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Choosing the Right Shade of Auburn for Your Hair

The fall season may be the perfect time to head to your hair salon to add some auburn to your hair color. However, there is a lot more that goes into it since there are many shades of auburn to choose from. Here’s a closer look into all the different kinds of auburn hair color.

Classic Auburn

This is a more traditional shade and pairs great with women who have paler skin tones. It provides a classic look of sophistication.

Plum Auburn

This shade is considered to be a reddish, purple and pretty much works for women with all different skin tones. This offers a warm shade, which fits well with the fall season.

Mahogany Auburn

This is perfect for women with a dark hair color. It is not usually a drastic change as a reddish mahogany is not applied too deeply. Lipstick of a wine color is an excellent complement.

Fiery Red Auburn

This is a brighter shade, which also favors women with fairer skin tones. It is comparable to a coppery color and is really an eye-popping hue.

Russet Auburn

There are many ways to adjust the russet shade while it can have both an edgy and playful look. It is not too bright, but rather a nice combination of red and brown.

Dark Auburn

This shies away from the reddish tones and provides a lot of depth. It is a really a matter of choice when it comes to just how dark the auburn hue will be.

Ash Auburn

Being as though this is a softer shade of auburn, it is good to start with an ash base. Ash auburn is usually toned down a little more compared to the other shades of auburn.

Medium Auburn

There is a certain glow to this shade and it works very well on women with fair complexions. However, it is one of the auburn shades that complements darker complexions as well.

Light Auburn

This color usually has a blondish look to it. There are variations of light auburn and if women are looking for a not so bright color, they can choose a light coppery auburn instead.

No matter which shade of auburn or any hair color you are looking for, The Color Bar Hair Salon and Day Spa Waxhaw can give you that exact look. A visit to The Color Bar Hair Salon will end your search for the best hair salons in Charlotte, NC.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Caring For Your Curls

Curly hair is truly a thing of beauty, although it does require its share of maintenance. Here are some curly hair care tips to keep your hair looking as beautiful and as healthy as it can possibly be.

Easy on the Shampoo

Curly hair should not be shampooed that often. Those with very thick curls can go up to three days without a shampoo while every other day is the recommendation for those with finer curls. And when it comes time to pick a shampoo, opt for one that is completely free of sulfate. Most traditional shampoos are very harsh on curly hair.

Stress the Conditioner

The main purpose of conditioner is to add moisture, something that is always needed in curly hair. The longer the conditioner remains in your hair, the more effective it will be. You don’t have to overdo it when applying the conditioner as only a minimal amount is needed to new growth. Another helpful hint is to apply conditioner to the ends of your hair before going to sleep at night.

Hands Off

The more friction to your curls, the more you will create frizz. Instead of toweling off your wet hair forcefully, try blotting it with a soft cloth. In winter months, cut down on friction by avoiding coarser types of garments like sweaters and scarves. Anything you put on your head should be lined with satin instead of cotton.

Sleep Soft

Just as coarse garments can negatively affect your curls, so can pillowcases. A soft, satin pillowcase is much better for your hair than ones of the cotton or flannel varieties. That provides less friction when you sleep at night.

Get the Right Products

When it comes time to blow dry your hair, don’t do it without a diffuser. Also, you can get rid of that thick brush which does nothing more than mess up the formation of your curls. You can use your fingers to refresh your curls. Adding a few sprays of a reactivator will also help.


Getting the right proteins is important for your hair, so be sure to use products with the right concentration of protein. Also, make sure to avoid too much heat as that can negatively affect the protein, which gives life to your curls.

No matter what kind of curls you have, The Color Bar Hair Salon Waxhaw NC is your one-stop shop for all your styling needs. With a highly skilled team of trained professional, The Color Bar Hair Salon will make sure every client looks their very best.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Straight Hair Care Tips

beautiful long blonde hair, straight hair care
Straight hair may look like it is done effortlessly as it remains a preferred choice of many women. However, there is a lot to know regarding the upkeep of straight hair and here are some helpful tips to get you going. These hair care tips especially apply to those who frequent hair salons for straightening services.

Watch the wind

Wind can be a threat to straight hair as it can cause breakage. It is important to protect your straight hair during a windy day or night. Revert to a simple ponytail or braid if you cannot find a way to cover your head.

Stop Static

The winter months can cause a buildup of static electricity, which is not good for straight hair. One way to combat static is pampering yourself to a Salon Keratin Treatment or Vitamin C treatment at you local salon. Rub it on your pillow before going to bed and give your hair a once over with it before leaving the house.

tangled hair, static, untreated hair, straight hair, hair care
Avoid tangled, damaged hair.

Shower at Night

Try showering before bed and going to sleep with just a loose braid, a loose bun or pin your hair up sporadically with some bobby pins. This will give your hair extra style and body in the morning. All you have to do when you wake is undo the braid and let nature take over. But remember, do not sleep with wet hair as you will regret it in the morning as it will have its share of kinks.

Mind the mild

Mild shampoos are the best choice as they do not contain potentially damaging sulfates. The right shampoo can also protect straight hair from humidity. Do some research before you purchase any kind of shampoo. Once you find one, don’t over wash as that will dry your scalp.

red straight hair, straight bangs

Drinking at least six glasses of water per day is a healthy habit. Staying hydrated inside and out is also best for your straight hair. Dandruff is caused by dry scalps, which can occur easily during the cold, dry winter months. Make sure you are getting enough water each and everyday. If you are performing vigorous activity, increase your water consumption to compensate for the additional water loss that will be experienced.

Use Vitamins

Massaging your head with Vitamin E will provide you with a lot of nourishment while also improving circulation and keeping frizz down. It also helps prevent split ends, something that is an ongoing concern for women with straight hair.

Some hair salons offer Vitamin C treatments that are designed to remove damaging hard water free radicals and chlorine. Like staying hydrated, vitamins play an essential role internally and externally. Consult with a medical professional before adding a new vitamin regiment to your diet.

The Color Bar Hair Salon Waxhaw handles all kinds of styles in additions to providing top quality men’s haircuts and kid’s haircuts. No matter what kind of style you are looking for, the salon services at The Color Bar Hair Salon has a solution waiting for you.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Not So Common Hair Care Tips on How to Beat the Summer Heat

With the summer months here, remember that the warmer weather and humidity can do a number on your hair. Being prepared for the summer is the best way to beat the heat. Here are some helpful industry secrets from the Color bar hair salon that will help keep your hair healthy all summer long.


Sunscreen can do more than protect just your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. If you find yourself out in the sun without a hat to protect your hair, spray some sunscreen on your hands and run it through your hair. The UV protection used on your skin will work the same way on your hair. It also may be even better than UV protectant shampoos as they are heavy with chemicals.

Give In

Women who straighten their hair on a daily basis tend to have a tough time with that task during the summer months. Instead of fighting the humidity, give in and go with your natural look. There are also several texturizing sprays that provide some flexibility when it comes to styling your hair. Summer is the perfect time to go all natural. Next time your in for salon services, ask a stylist for tips to achieve a low fuss hair style.

Highlight Naturally

Avoiding hair coloring in the summer can ease the stress on your hair. However, if you are looking to add some highlights that are rather subtle, you can do it naturally. Before going out in the sun, squeeze out all the juice from a fresh lemon and run the juice through your hair. Doing this twice a month should provide you with some natural highlights.

Post Pool Care

Swimming pools contain chlorine, which can be particularly damaging to all kinds of hair. A simple tip for post-swimming hair care is to use Apple Cider Vinegar. Add about a quarter cup to a full cup of water and pour it on your hair after a washing. Then, simply rinse it out and your hair will be chlorine free.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

The humidity in the summer months can mean a lot of frizz. To cut down on that frizz, keep a dehumidifier running in your bedroom while you sleep. This will provide your hair with some much-needed relief at night.

The Color Bar Hair Salon can recommend the best ways to keep your hair healthy while also providing clients with the hottest new hairstyles. Of all the hair salons in Waxhaw, The Color Bar offers the most comprehensive variety of services, all of which are performed by salon experts. Treat yourself to a glaze, foil, waxing and the many other services available at The Color Bar Hair Salon.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How to Decide on the Right Hair Color for You

Hair salon services in Waxhaw NC, hair salon Waxhaw NC, hair colors, hair coloring, picking the right hair color, best hair color, matching hair colorAdding new color to your hair can be a very exciting time. It can also bring about some stress as a lot of women are unsure of which color will work best for them. Here’s a look at some areas to consider when choosing your next hair color.

Level of Maintenance

Some hair colors are more difficult to maintain than others. For example, red colors can come with a great deal of difficulty. This is because red colors can fade easily if you wash your hair every day and are not using SURFACE hair care products. If you choose a shade of red, be prepared for more frequent trips to your hair salon. Red is also the most difficult color to remove from your hair as it is rarely removed in one sitting.

Health of Your Hair

Hair coloring does not contain a natural ingredient and, in some situations, the chemicals can damage your hair. This rings particularly true with blonde hair. Depending on the desired result or goal, women with a natural dark shade of color will need to use a heavier process of highlighting to color their hair, which sometimes is not very healthy. Over processing can also damage the hair shaft. Remember, what looks good may not always be good for your hair. See our blog, 7 Important Tips on Caring for Your Colored Hair.

Your Skin Tone

Certain colors will not work well with your skin tone. Going too dark or too light can cause your hair to clash with your skin tone, which falls into the categories of warm and cool. Once you have determined your skin tone, you can start matching hair color. For example, cooler skin tones look better with light blonde than warmer skin tones do with light blonde. Remember, you can always search “hair salons near me” to seek out an expert opinion.

Your Natural Hair Color

When looking at a particular color on a palette, it is important to note that those shades are applied to a white surface. When those colors mix with your hair, they may not take on the same exact look. Straying too far from your natural color will usually give you a look that is far from authentic and also damage your hair. Think of your natural hair color as a starting base.

The Color Bar Hair Salon specializes in matching our clients with the hair color that fits them best, whether its a creative hair coloring service in Waxhaw NC or a simple variation to a natural tone. A hair stylist will assist you with all of your styling and coloring needs. Stop searching through all the different hair salons in Charlotte, NC and let the professionals at The Color Bar take care of you.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

7 Important Tips on Caring For Your Colored Hair

hair color, bright coloring, hair coloring, professional hair dye, salon services, hair salon
Adding color to your hair can make you look fabulous and put a little extra bounce in your step. However, there are certain ways to maintain your colored hair and here are seven helpful tips that will keep you looking beautiful.

Wait Before Washing

It is recommended that you wait to wash your hair for at least two full days (48 hours) after it has been colored at your hair salon. And when you shower during that period, keep your hair dry with a shower cap. Remember, washing your hair too often can be damaging with or without coloring. Some say at the most every other day but this does vary depending on hair type, hair products used, and your hair health.

Remember to Deep Condition

Never underestimate the importance of using deep conditioners. Restoring and maintaining your hair’s health is vital especially if you are addicted to the coloring chair. As fun as it is going to the hair salon for creative color it is damaging. We recommend SURFACE eco-friendly home hair care systems. This should be applied once a week to colored hair styles. Let the conditioner settle into your damp hair for about a half hour and experience healthier, softer hair with more shine. This tip is especially important if highlighting was done before coloring.

Stay Away From the Heat

Letting your colored hair dry naturally is a much better alternative than using heat from a blow dryer. Also, try to avoid using straightening and curling irons. If you do have the need to use a blow dryer, try to keep it on the low setting.

Cool Off in the Shower

When it comes time to wash your colored hair, don’t use hot water, no matter how good it may feel after a long day. Lukewarm and cooler water will keep your color in longer as hot water has a tendency to open and lift the hair cuticles and let out some of the color.

Avoid the Sulfates

It goes without saying that you will need to shampoo and condition your hair. It pays to be selective when choosing your shampoos and conditioners. Opt for ones that are sulfate-free since sulfate can remove the color from your hair. Remember to read your labels when shopping. We recommend SURFACE eco-friendly and is also a Vegan product line.

Hide From the Summer

The summer months mean fun in the sun, but it is not always good for your hair. Swimming in a pool is a no-no as chlorine can cause severe damage to your hair. The sun can also fade hair dyes very quickly. So if you must venture outdoors in the summer, invest in a chic swimming cap and find some sprays, or conditioner that protect your hair from UV rays. We recommend Malibu hard water and chlorine remover which can be done at home weekly.  It is a vegan product line, and all natural.

The Color Bar Hair Salon services has everything you need to give you the hairstyle you have always wanted. We are also Union County’s first eco-friendly salon as healthy hair and environmental awareness is just as important as providing our clients with the hottest looks and styles. We offer services for the whole family!

Monday, January 14, 2019

How a Healthy Diet Can Affect Your Hair

When it comes to hair care, most people think about different products and ways of treating their follicles with salon services. They do not typically concern themselves with diet even though it plays an important role in the health of your hair. Here is a look at the most important components people should include in their diet in order to maintain healthy hair.

high protein foods


Getting enough protein is essential to healthy hair because hair is actually made up of protein. This is very important because protein is essential for repairing muscles, bones and yes, hair. New hair growth is affected by a lack of protein as its pace of growth. This is especially important since 90% of your hair is always in the growing phase.


Not getting enough iron is the top cause of hair loss. Low iron levels can be affected by diet, but there are enough foods out there rich in iron. Red meat, prunes, walnuts, almonds, lentils and broccoli tops are just a few of the foods that are very abundant in iron.


Some green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, have a great deal of vitamins and minerals. The combination of these vitamins and minerals work to maintain a healthy scalp. They also serve the function of keeping moisture in your hair which will help prevent any breakage. With this healthy switch your Waxhaw hair salon and waistband may be noticing a difference.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Your body does not make these fatty acids, which are essential for strong hair. Omega-3 Fatty Acids also add more shine to your hair. Salmon is very rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and another option is to take fish oil pills on a daily basis.

Beta Carotene

Foods with a high count of Beta Carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A, contributes to continual healthy hair growth. Low levels could slow that process and lead to thinning hair. Foods that are high in Beta Carotene include sweet potatoes, tomatoes, milk, eggs, cantaloupe and carrots among others.


Zinc is an essential mineral that should find its way into your daily diet. This will work to prevent hair loss, and that could extend to your eyelashes. The cells which contribute to building hair rely a great deal on zinc. Adding zinc to your diet means eating more shellfish, such as oysters, crab and lobster.

The Color Bar Hair Salon offers a wide variety of salon and beauty services as well as expert insight on ways to keep your hair. When it comes time for your next hair appointment, come in and see why the Color bar salon is among the top hair salons in the Charlotte, NC metro area.

The information in this article is to be taken as suggestions and not to be taken as professional medical advice. It is always best to speak with your doctor before making any radical changes to your diet and/or lifestyle or if you experience unusual symptoms such as rapid hair loss.